Our passengers can be assured that Umeå Taxi is a well renowned taxi company and we care for our passenger’s comfort and safety. Our prices are either fixed or on the meter.
An additional surcharge of 20 SEK (Swedish Kronor) will be added on trips to and from the airport if you travel on the meter. However, this is included in our fixed prices.

We accept Swedish Krona and Euro as payment in the taxi, together with all major Credit Cards.

Umeå Taxi

Tel. 090-77 00 00 Flygplatsvägen 19 904 22 Umeå




Comparative price

10 km, a 15-minute journey

Daily tariff

 Mon-Fri exept holidays 10.00-13.00

Start fee 92 SEK
0 km-1,5 km 41 SEK/km + 554 SEK/h
1,5 km-7,0 km 17 SEK/km + 55 SEK/h
7,0 km and beyond 14:50 SEK/km + 554 SEK/h

429 SEK

OB Tariff*

Other time

Start fee 99 kr
0 km-1,5 km 45 SEK/km + 654 SEK/h
1,5 km-7,0 km 18 SEK/km + 654 SEK/h
7,0 km and beyond 15 SEK/km + 654 SEK/h

474 SEK

The price on the yellow label is based on a 10 km, a 15-minute journey. The price indicated on the taximeter is in Swedish kronor.

The following fees apply:
Taxi for 5-7 persons, higher price 
Station / terminal fees
Fee for special protection device for children and bulky goods
26 / 5000
Fixed prices can be applied
Driving fee can be applied outside the urban area
Written information is available from the driver

*OB-Tariff and supplements apply to Midsummer, Christmas and Midsummer evenings 12.00-09.00