How to recognize an Umeå Taxi..
All of Umeå Taxis cars is white with blue decor, just like our homepage. This is so our passengers know how to find the right car. All our drivers are professional and work in uniforms.

Car fleet
We are currently the largest taxi company in Umeå, with over 100 taxis, roughly 40 of which are environmentally friendly. Most of our Eco-cars are Volvo V70 DrivE, followed by Toyota Prius+. Our car fleet is exclusively made up of estates and minivans; the most common model is the Mercedes E-class and Volvo V70.
We have 20 cars that can take more than 5 passengers at a time. Some of our cars are decontaminated for allergic passengers and some are used for transporting dogs, cats and the like. We always have room for at least 4 passengers and all vehicles have at least one booster seat.

We like to keep our standards high so we only keep cars up to six years, and smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles. Besides that, our cars are clean and proper on the interior as well as the exterior.

To make the trip as smooth as possible for both our passengers and drivers, all out cars are equipped with GPS-trackers. Because of this we always know which car is closest to you, to give you the best and most efficient service.
All our cars is also equipped with integrated EMV-terminals that are able to accept all the major debit and credit cards (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, American express and Diners) and at least one booster seat.

The taxicar is not just a method of transportation but also the workplace for our drivers. This means that we will always strive to optimize our company with new investments. Right now we are further increasing our number of environmentally friendly vehicles.